My iPhone 5s is working like a dream now. This is really working. Was a little nervous about taking my SIM card out for the first time but this was super easy! Worked instantly. I was sort of nervous when I got it off. I even thought about buying a new cheaper phone. And then.

Fix the No SIM Card Installed Error on your iPhone

THinkin about buying new phone. So yea. By the way, any suggestions on how to fix camera? I am facing same problem when I am inserting a new sim card. This sim is working fine in other devices. Its clean and new. I tried turning my iPhone 4s on and off and removing and reinserting the sim, the problem persists. The old sim is working fine with it. Worked for me too! Never had to take out SIM card before. When it popped out the tray and card popped out separate and took me a second to line it back up right, but once in the phone worked again perfect.

Wish I knew why this happen in the first place. Not like the phone is out in the dirt all day or something. Went to apple for this issue, they had no idea what the problem was. Wanted to clear my entire phone and restore.. Googled and found this, which worked great. There was a small piece of dirt on the card, cleaned it and no problems since. You are great!

What To Do When Your iPhone Says No SIM

Thanks so much. Brilliant…I too was a bit nervous and the only alcohol on hand was Bacardi. Worked a treat thank you so much. One very happy bit tipsy iPhone and even happier sober me! I have an older iphone 5 and i have been bothered by this on and off for a month. Today was awful so I finally went to the web and found this. Thank you! My SIM card seemed dusty with link all over it. Clean now.

Please disconnect and insert a SIM card in the iPhone. I tried 3 to 4 times but its not happening what i have to do. WOW, it worked. I was not at all sure it would work. I used nail polish remover and it worked immediately. I was really worried and tried for an hour with all reboots and resetting.

Thanks a ton for the tip. Cant believe this! You are the first person who commented that it did not work. Those other chemicals may havedamaged the chip. They will give for free they should anyway. Ughhh I had been dealing with this problem for 2 days like wtf??? Googled the problem and found Ethervision solution so I decided to give it a try. Thank you so much Ethervision!! Should this still work? I panicked! Do you think it will work?

Customer Equipment - SIM Card Issue

Do you think you might know what happened? Please reply soon. God Bless You! It worked! You saved me a trip to my phone store! Ok so I removed my sim card and cleaned it. Any suggestions? Any other suggestions please?!! I tried it and it seems to have worked on my iphone 5. Really thought I was going to have to get a new phone and it is never a good time to come up with the money for that!! Hi, I have a problem. Do you know what could be causing this? You are going to have to reach out to your carrier on this one. Probably a hardware issue. You can try rebooting device.

I doubt the dirty SIM card is your issue here. I was freaking out when I got this error on my brand-new phone and this fixed it right away! My ipad operated for two years without a problem but since the update it pops up every 15 minutes and my iPad operates off wifi without a SIM card, any ideas please? However, the issue still persists. The SIM works fine when I test it on another unlocked phone. Took it to Apple, they say the phone looks fine, there is no water damage too.

Please Help!! Apple should replace it or take it to carrier? Thanks so much! I have been experience problems with my sim card lately and this actually solved it! Thanks again! I have been trying to fix this the whole day. The alcohol trick worked like magic, thanks so much! I recently updated my iPhone 5 to iOS 8.

It stopped searching signal so my phone was on No SIM for two days until I tried removing the sim for the nth time and it finally worked perfectly again. Is it the phone or the sim? This tip worked perfectly thanks so much! I had the same issue last night and was concerned that I would have to go to the Apple Store for the solution.

The sim card may be damaged. Was really dreading spending more time at Bell and Apple they always blame each other. Found this tip after trying other fixes. It worked instantly! Many, many thanks! There is three time one is erase my phone. Second time restart my phone. Using ios 8. My sim work at my pad. My phone sim tray are normal please help how can I do.

Can I complant to warea ity? They will replace for free. Go into store and ask for a new one. Did you try alcohol swab first? I am using my Iphone 5 with a Gevey R-sim9 card. Sim card is OK, I checked witk other phones. Is the problem from phone or Gevey R-sim9 card? Thanks man, i just came from the maintenance center in my city after changing the lock button.

I restored my iPhone, then when i finished, I got that problem.. I am having this problem on my phone. My phone is an alcatel one touch idol 2 mini s.

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Who should I do? Thanks so much worked for my IPhone 6. It is only 6 days old. Great TIP. I have this issue with a I phone 4! What is the fix for this problem???? There is no sim card to remove and clean in the 4. I just tried updating my iphone 4 yesterday, and got this same message, on both my computer and on my phone. My iphone 4 is a verizon phone, and has no place for a SIM card to even be installed….

I had just come from the store the other day and the man helping me must have gotten his grubby fingers onto my SIM card. I did a restore to fix music sync issue. They absolved themselves of responsibility. Say I have to take it to my wireless carrier. Hope you will help me as you did for many. Can you please adivse for this. Then later point it failed. Waiting for your reply.

Apple Article - If you see 'No SIM' alert on iPhone | Verizon Wireless

Hi ethervision, i recently came from qatar,doha to India,here i am insertn Vodafone,relinace sim my iPhone 5s shws no sim,where as my qatar sim works efficently…last time i visited India i had taken Airtel sim n it worked…soo wt solution you come up with? I used a small amount of vodka on end of an ear bud and it worked.

I tried twice already but it still didnt work. But this time it wont work even with the alcohol. May be a bad connector on your device itself. Had the same issue. I found out that is the tray. I just switched trays between 2 phones.. Solved now. Worked like a charm on iPhone 6 Plus. Thank you!!!! Try hard resetting phone before you throw in the towel. If it is Verizon pre-paid then they should be able to help you.

I bought a phone from my Friend and he says the phone is aid for it just needs the SIM card slot clean, how do I do this? Tried this and it worked!!!! Thanks heaps! Hi, i have an iphone 4,i accidentally dropped it or rather it fell and now it keeps telling me to insert sim even when the sim is correctly inserted. Done airplane mode and network reset.

Worked perfectly pulled sim out cleaned and putt back in keep white side with name on it face up! Many thanks indeed. I actually used acetone nail varnish remover. It worked perfectly using a q-tip. Then clean off dry with another q-tip. Great tip…thansk again. I was afraid when suddenly pop up comes that no sim!!!! But i tried your trick and wow!!!!

It works i am very thank ful to you. But it will only connect to my phone when I rebook and it only registers for a few mins until I get the no sim sign. Any ideas? Its not working,i have tried cotton and alcohol Still showing no sim card or searching. I have the latest iPhone SE and it fell into the toilet and sat in there for about seconds before I noticed it was in there along with my other purse contents. I did not turn the phone off immediately, in fact, I dialed out to a couple of family members to test it out. After researching, I attempted the bag of rice tip.

I turned my phone off and put it into a bag of rice. Pure genius not really Needless to say, rice got inside the phone via SIM card tray and I only knew this because the tray resisted sliding in. So, the genius in me grabbed a flashlight and a paper clip and as carefully as possible, removed the 2 grains of rice. Now it is not reading the SIM card and I will never know whether it is because of water or paper clip because I never turned my phone back on before removing the SIM card.

I am conflicted and need help. My phone is insured and I am an honest woman and really pride myself on doing so but I am also aware that it is possible that it may not be covered because of both reasons. It was simple, non-techie, and took about 5 minutes total time. Thanks for the very helpful advice! Follow these steps or watch video to fix your sim card. My husband has the iPhone 6 and his sim just stopped working randomly. He goes through straight talk and we called them to try and fix the problem. Straight talk told us to take th sim out and put it back in.

We did that and it worked for a few hours but went back to the searching concept. Some times it does work but only for a short time during the day. We have factory reset the phone, rebooted it, cleared all data, and so on and nothing seems to be working. Any thought? Thank you it worked perfectly!! However, my phone often just shuts down I have to recharge it and sometimes it will come back on hours later its a iphone 5 what is it that will cause this problem?

Shutting down of phone would be unrelated. Thank you However, my phone often just shuts down I have to recharge it and sometimes it will come back on hours later its a iphone 5 what is it that will cause this problem? Hi I am struggling with a Cat B15Q phone. What can we do to fix that please. I have a straight talk iphone and mine seems to get the message when I lose service at home and try and run on wifi only. Dead area right in my house but up the road and down there is service. I literally have to remove my sim card when i get home to even use the phone on wifi.

Any Ideas? Straight talk says ts the phone but the phone works well any other time. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Previous Next. To fix it just follow the steps below or watch the video: Pop out the sim card by putting a small paperclip or pin into the tiny hole on the side of your iPhone.

Push hard so it pops out. Take the card out of the little tray. Remember how it looks when it was in so you can put back correctly. Put some rubbing alcohol on the end of a Q-Tip. Rub the copper side of the sim card thoroughly. Wait a minute to let it dry. Stick the card back in the slot. Problem should be solved. Learn How to Fix any iPhone Problem.

About the Author: Related Posts. How to Defeat iPhone Battery Issues. Best Ways to Backup Your iPhone. Apple iPhone X Event Recap. Littlesquirrelrk November 26, at 3: Ethervision December 4, at 7: Michaela Morris May 23, at Ethervision May 26, at As long as you have a sim card, it works fine. Jeremiah Pettinato August 6, at 1: In the upper left hand corner it says invalid sim on my iPhone 6… what does that mean? Ethervision August 13, at 4: Try removing sim and putting back in. Creaza July 23, at 2: Dhdh August 5, at 1: Mihir Kulkarni January 22, at 5: I pay 30 a month for LTE unlimited on my 5c.

Ahmed Nagy August 6, at 3: I dropped my phone and its says sim card failure what do i do? Jocellyne August 14, at 9: Ethervision September 9, at 3: Jack Gat December 18, at 1: Enus McGee January 6, at 1: Had a look at the SIM and what do you know, a huge dirty fingerprint mark on it! Thanks guys! Ethervision January 24, at 4: Arlene February 2, at 1: Terry March 7, at 4: Tyler January 27, at Rory February 1, at 4: Never even took SIM card out before but the trick works!

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G February 1, at 6: Worked a treat! Aariq August 13, at 2: Ethervision August 14, at Yonatan February 2, at Tim February 17, at 1: Kate February 20, at 9: In spanish: Funciono, realmente ya daba por perdido mi iPhone, muchas gracias! Aakash February 24, at 6: Just tried it and it works like a charm. Thank you so much. Keep up the good work. Trisha March 6, at 6: Doing this can reset the iPhone's connection to cellular networks and may resolve the problem.

To do this:. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen or down from the top right on iPhone X and newer to reveal Control Center. Install any available updates and see if that solves the problem. To update iOS:. Tap Settings. You'd be surprised how many issues are solved by restarting. To restart the iPhone:. In that case, check out this article for full instructions on restarting those models. Another culprit behind the SIM not being recognized could be that your phone company has changed the settings for how your phone connects to its network and you need to install them.

This process is easy:. One way to test this is by inserting a SIM card from another cell phone that you know works fine. You can get a new one from Apple or your phone company. It's also possible that your phone company account isn't valid. In order for your phone to be able to connect to a phone company network, you need a valid, active account with a phone company.

If all of these steps don't solve the problem, you have a problem that you can't fix. It's time to call tech support or to take a trip to your closest Apple Store. Share Pin Email. Sam Costello has been writing about tech since His writing has appeared in publications such as CNN. Updated February 19, This is the tray that holds the SIM card. Later models have the slightly smaller, more-modern nanoSIM. To do this: Tap the airplane icon so that it's highlighted. This enables Airplane Mode. Wait a couple of seconds and then tap it again, so that the icon is not highlighted.

Swipe Control Center down or up to hide it. Wait a few seconds to see if the error is fixed.